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 30b. Clingan Building

410 West Lowe Ave, at 5th StLouden Logo


Ventilators were very important for letting the heat produced by the hay rise up and out of a barns's hay loft.

Louden ventilators enabled good circulation, while keeping the rain out.

Converted into an office building, it is now the home of Human Factors International.  The ventilators are easily visible from many angles.

Louden catalogue page - Ventilating Cupola.
First Methodist Church Cupola

Louden cutaway catalogue page - Ventilating Cupola.
Louden Ventilator catalogue page

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Louden Ventilators on the Clingan Building, looking from the 4th Street railroad crossing.  01-18-15
Louden Ventilators at 410 W. Lowe

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