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The Fairfield Heritage Trail was originally developed with the cooperation of the Jefferson County Trails Council, the Jefferson County Historic Preservation Commission, and the Jefferson County Historical Society.

This version of that original Fairfield Heritage Trail, the Fairfield Heritage Tour, was produced for the Fairfield Cultural & Entertainment District, sponsored by the Fairfield Cultural Alliance, developed by Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph.

Development Team
Project Manager:  Ron Blair, Chairman, Jefferson County Trails Council
Coordinator:  Mark Shafer, for the Jefferson County Historic Preservation Commission
Concept by:  Mark Shafer and Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph
Research:  Mark Shafer and Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph
Web Site Graphics:  Denyce Rusch, Liz Howard.
Web Site Designers: Diane Goudy, Fairfield High School Computer Instructor, and the Advanced Computer Applications Class Members of 2003, and Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph.
Photos: Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph and others as noted.


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