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2016 Cultural Contribution Award Nominees, Nov 2016

2016 Cultural Contribution Award Nominees
In the words of those who fondly nominated them2016 Cultural Contribution Award Nominees....

1. Carol Negro has created the Everybody Sings Community Chorus in Fairfield.

The Chorus was formed in February, 2016 and so far has put on four programs:
1) May Art Walk
2) Van Buren County Fair
3) Concert at Phoenix Rising Hall
4) Free concert at the October 15th Farmer's Market

The chorus is open to all with no prerequisites, no knowledge of sight-reading and has been a fulfilling experience for all to enjoy the happiness of making music with others.

2. Elaine Reding for her 25+ years of conducting the Chamber Singers of Southeast Iowa (originally founded in 1991 as the MUM Chamber Singers) in their annual winter and spring concerts of outstanding choral music to the Fairfield community. Elaine is the driving force and intelligence behind every aspect of this quality community chorus, including music selection, concert programming, rehearsal and performance arrangements, instrumental enhancements, publicity, and much more.

This year, in addition to having executed a magnificent 25th anniversary concert at the Sondheim Center in May, she has accepted the invitation and is preparing the chorus and fundraising for a performance in New York's famed Carnegie Hall on January 16, 2017 (as well as preparing the chorus for its upcoming holiday concerts on December 3 and 4).

The Chamber Singers will join choirs from Norway, Italy, the United Kingdom and the U.S. for the New York premiere of contemporary Norwegian composer Kim Andre Arnesen’s Requiem, to be performed in the Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall on Jan. 16, which is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

From the Fairfield Ledger, - “This invitation is a timely recognition of the group’s 25 years of community service through their twice-yearly, free-will offering concerts and other community performances.”

3. Kadie Dennison, the marketing and development manager at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, and Torie Hollingsworth, the ticket office & volunteer coordinator of the Center, enhance the quality of life in Fairfield and Jefferson County on a daily basis by creating, directing, promoting artistic and cultural activities, works of art and events at the Center. Dennison is a graduate of Buena Vista University with a theater and communication studies degrees. Torie, is a graduate of Central College with a degree in business management with a minor in theater, music and not for profit management.

While continuing to conduct daily activities required by their positions, Kadie and Torie led the Summer Camp at the Sondheim in June. Kadie, director of the camp and Torie, musical director of the camp, coordinated 40 campers, ranging in age from 10 years to 14 years, in an exciting week of theater learning activities, culminating with the public performance of the musical, “On the Other Side of the Fence” at the Sondheim. The camp provided opportunities for students, ranging in age from 10 to 14 years, to stage a musical, sing and learn dialogue and choreography, to become better public speakers, gain confidence and make great friends.

Kadie and Torie demonstrated patience, commitment of the arts and a true passion of creating, directing, and promoting artistic and cultural activities at the Sondheim.

4. Meret & Steve Giacomini for all the work they have done to bring such incredible talent to this town at Cafe Paradiso. They are at the same time enriching the lives of people here in Fairfield, and supporting musicians who are often making their living touring around the US. Steve started the cafe 13 years ago with the desire to provide a space where people could relax, create, commune and enjoy great coffee, and a venue for musicians to perform. Cafe P continues to be the beloved community living room.

5. Steve Boss, the cooking show host of KRUU FM’s "GREAT TASTE”.

He has enhanced the experience for our community with enjoyment of food from local to global.

This show has featured and interviewed guests from our Local cooks, our Local Restaurant Chefs, our Farmers' Market vendors explaining their produce and ways to cook the produce, to shows interviewing famous Chefs from around the world!

6. Jewel McDonald of Morningstar Studio for at least 15 years of service to the arts community for providing a fun and reasonably priced venue for dances, music, instruction, education and other events. Jewel has always offered the Studio with grace, generosity, and professionalism.

7. Nicholas Naioti, of the Arbor Bar — His early adventures in Fairfield took place during an Artist Residency, where he was hosted by the Beauty Shop as a visiting musician, enabling him to explore the sound of Mr. Nasty - that influenced a whole genre of Fairfield music becoming known around Iowa as ‘Hop-core’. He later moved here from Denver, and opened up a restaurant, The Gardens, that later morphed into the Arbor Bar.

Nicholas has run a record label to release the music of friends , toured with various bands including Children of Spy, released a solo album, Throw the Stone, and is currently touring and collaborating on his most recent stunning album project with the Cubits.

Nicholas’ contribution to our community has been invaluable. He has put our small town of Fairfield on the map as a stopping place for touring bands. With the Arbor Bar, he has created a venue that might not normally survive in such a small town as ours, a venue that rivals any that exist in larger metropolitan areas like Des Moines or Chicago. The concerts he hosts are always free to the public.

Through his dedication to promoting musicians, as well as his unwavering dedication to the Fairfield community, Nicholas has created a democratic place where all boundaries fall away. A venue where people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and social circles are welcome to come, relax, have a laugh, a drink, enjoy great music that represents contemporary independent sound, and be together under the all inclusive canopy of his Arbor Bar.

8. Tim Britton, world renowned Irish musician, recording engineer, sound man and emcee at Cafe Paradiso, for a lifetime of musical enrichment of the Fairfield community.

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