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 10. Armory

122 E. Broadway Ave (built 1910)

The Armory, built by Company M of the 54th Infantry of the Iowa National Guard by selling shares of stock to company members and from donations, served Fairfield well until a new armory was built on Stone Street in 1958.

Many, many, community events were held here, probably the largest being a 1934 appearance by Aimee Semple McPherson, one of the most famous female evangelists in the world.  It was reported that about 2500 people waited hours for her to arrive by train from Des Moines.

The new building owner remodeled it in 2004 to be used for community events.

Front of The Armory, north side.  09-27-14
The Armory

Scroll down for a postcard and photos.

An early postcard of the Armory.  c. 1912
Postcard of the Armory

Same view, northeast side.  10-05-14
Southeast side, The Armory

The front facade.  09-27-14
The front facade, The Armory

Southeast side.  09-27-14
Southeast side, The Armory

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