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 23. Albert H. and Mary Neller Home

300 W. Washington Ave., at S. 3rd St. (built 1890)Louden Logo

A middle-class house with Queen Anne influence, note the turret and variety of wall textures.  It was designed to be viewed only from the street sides.

Albert Neller, William Louden's pattern maker, was a key to the success of the Louden Engineering Department during the 1910's and 20's.

William Louden would make a rough diagram, cut a simple pattern from an old envelope or simply describe an idea for each new invention and Neller was able to fabricate the envisioned design.

For instance, William indicated that the Automatic Watering Bowl (photo below) should be cupped in such a way as to fit over a man's knee.  This form had the practical purpose of neatly fitting the cow's nose as well as being easy to cleanse.

Louden and Neller shared the patent on several inventions between 1908 and 1914 -- Neller himself took credit for nine patents in 1908.

Louden Automatic Watering Bowl, from a Louden catalog.
Water Bowl

Scroll down to see more photos and the Watering Bowl

Neller Home, north side (front).  01-18-15
Neller Home

Neller Home, northwest side.  01-18-15
Neller Home

Neller Home, northeast side, winter view.  03-29-09
Neller Home

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