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 24. Wm. R. & Mary Jane Louden Home

501 W. Washington Ave (1897)Louden Logo NRHP Logo


The porch on this house was originally open with turned columns.

A Louden Machinery Company cupola is still visible on the northwest slope of the roof, which was apparently used for ventilation (see photo below).

The William Louden family built their home in close proximity to the factory, as was the custom for many 19th century industrialists.

Although William Louden was a mechanical genius, he never learned to drive an automobile and would walk all around town.  He remained active with the company he founded until his death in 1931.

William R. Louden
William Louden

Click here for the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and photos for this building, which you can download.

Scroll down to see more photos, and the Cupola

Wm. R. & Mary Jane Louden Home.  01-18-15
Louden Home

Same house, date unknown
Wm. Louden Home

Same house in 2003
Wm. Louden Home

Front (south side) (06-03-18).
Wm. Louden Home

South-east corner (06-03-18).
Wm. Louden Home

East side (06-03-18).
Wm. Louden Home

North-east corner (06-03-18).
Wm. Louden Home

Back (north side) (06-03-18).
Wm. Louden Home

Louden Ventilator on the roof, near the back (06-03-18).
Louden Ventilator on the roof.

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