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 25. R. Bruce & May W. Louden Home

501 W. Adams Ave (c. 1910)Louden Logo NRHP Logo


In 1907 Billy Sunday held revival services in a 3000-seat tabernacle at this address, which was later dismantled and reconstructed at Chautauqua Park, and then used until 1931.

Billy Sunday, born in Ames, Iowa, after 8 years as a professional baseball player, became an evangelist in 1896.  Very popular until his death in 1935, he is said to have reached millions with his message.

The photo shows him seated with his family in a wagon on the Square.  Standing next to him is William Henry Coop, the first pioneer settler born in Jefferson County (1836).

On this property, in 1910 William Louden's eldest son, R. Bruce Louden, built this Colonial-Revival "four-square" house.

Bruce served as the third president of the Louden Machinery Company from 1940 until his death in 1951.

His tenure saw the production of vast quantities of overhead handling equipment, including cranes and monorail track, which supplied American industry during World War II.

Of note was the use of Louden equipment in the B-29 aircraft and atomic bomb factories.

Click here for the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and photos for this building, which you can download.

Go north on 6th Street, cross Burlington Ave, go one block north, then 1 block west on Broadway Ave to the historic Louden Building and the old Rock Island Railroad Station.

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R. Bruce & May W. Louden home, front (south side).  05-10-18
R. Bruce Louden Home.

R. Bruce & May W. Louden home, southeast side.  05-10-18
R. Bruce Louden Home.

R. Bruce & May W. Louden home, northeast side.  06-03-18
R. Bruce Louden Home.

R. Bruce & May W. Louden home, front.  05-10-18
R. Bruce Louden Home.

Photo of a sign in front of this house.  01-18-15
R. Bruce Louden Home.

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