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 43. George & Alberta Bonnifield Garage

904 E. Burlington Ave
(c. 1915)Louden Logo

The garage at 904 E. Burlington was used for this illustration in the 1919 Louden General Catalogue #49 to show the "Louden Garage Door Hanger" in use. Garage builders ordered the mechanical parts and plans for the "Louden Garage Door Hanger" from Louden, and then built this garage door system using local lumber.

The 1919 catalog illustration of the garage at 904 E. Burlington Ave.

The garage door currently on this garage is not the original.  The original garage door was used to create a bump-out in the rear of the garage.  But the Voisey-influenced roof (designed to look like a thatched roof), the stucco-clad sides and the paired windows remain as they were originally.

Many garages in Fairfield still have working Louden garage door hangers.

This garage in Fairfield has similar doors - located on the west side of "D" Street, just north of East Burlington Ave.
Louden Garage

A photo of a Louden garage in Ohio, as seen in a 1919 Louden Machinery Company catalogue
Louden Garage

Scroll down to see more about the "Louden Garage Door Hanger"

Below:   A garage door hanger, seen in a 1919 Louden Machinery Company catalogue:
Door Hanger

This Fairfield garage is one of many still in use with the original door. The left panel can be opened to just walk in, or you can slide all of the panels around on the track for a full opening.
Garage with Louden Door

Also, a garage located at 402 S. 2nd Street has a Louden ventilator on top. This illustration, from a 1919 Louden Machinery Company catalogue, shows a garage which was said to be at 402 S. 2nd Street. Is this the same garage as the illustration?
Older Louden Garage

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