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47. Louden Whirl-Around

905 E. Harrison Ave. (c. 1925) Louden Logo NRHP Logo

In the 1920's the Louden Machinery Company purchased the J.C. Porter Company of Ottawa, Illinois, manufacturers of playground equipment.  J.C. Porter held the patent for a part Louden needed for its overhead carrier systems.

Since better health for children was advocated after WWI through physical exercise and organized play, (see ad below) the Louden Machinery Company began marketing the Porter line of playground equipment.  From the 1920's to the 1950's most of the Fairfield schools and parks featured them.

The Whirl-A-Round, and a swing set, on the Fairfield Golf & Country Club grounds, are well-preserved examples.

Note - This Country Club was established in 1892.  It is the oldest golf club west of the Mississippi River. Their Website.

Click here for the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and photos for this building, which you can download.

Louden Whirl-Around advertisement advocating exercise
Whirl-Around ad

Scroll down to see a catalogue page. a photo, an advertisement, and the Louden Whirl-Around logo

Catalogue page.

Louden Whirl-Around today.  11-22-10
Whirl-Around today

Whirl-Around Logo

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