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 52. Maasdam Barns at Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm

2000 South Main Street at the intersection of State Hwy 1 and US Hwy 34 Louden Logo NRHP Logo


The Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm is an educational complex, centered around three historic barns that housed a draft-horse-breeding business in the early 20th-century.

The exhibits and displays also highlight the achievements of two local companies that were at one time the largest manufacturers in Fairfield.

Visit the Maasdam Barns website for the complete Maasdam Barns story.

The Jefferson County recreational Loop Trail travels next to the farmstead.

Maasdam Barns


The Maasdam Barns Welcome Center has information about the J. G. Maasdam horse-breeding business, the Louden Machinery Company, and Joel Turney & Co.
Maasdam Barns

Click here for the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and photos for the Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm Historic District, which you can download.

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