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 14. J.F. Clarke Residence

This page was adapted from a webpage produced by
Cooper Norman's company, Prairie Architects, Inc.


J.F. Clarke Residence, Fairfield, Iowa

Owner:  Private Residence
Project Scope: Masonry and Exterior Finish Restoration & Cataloguing of Interior Items

500 South Main Street

Designed in 1915 by Francis Barry Byrne, a fellow of Frank Lloyd Wright, this house features bold and heavy massing, precise geometric shapes, and crisp, clean edges. It is considered one of Byrne's most important works.

Francis Barry Byrne's work reached full maturity with this brilliant J.F. Clarke House. The interior of this 3500 square foot home still includes over fifty original artglass windows and French doors, restored wall stencils by Alfonso Iannelli, original light fixtures, and custom original furniture.

The house was the subject of a major exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society.

Prairie Architects planned the restoration of masonry and other exterior finish materials. In addition, the firm was responsible for cataloguing and coordinating the appraisal of furniture, artglass, and furnishings (1992).

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