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Elks Lodge Ventilator

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The Elks Lodge on the West Side of the square (54 N. Main St) is of note for the Louden ventilator on the roof
(best seen from the back of the building -- look from the corner of W. Burlington Ave and 2nd Street).

William Louden (1841-1931), founder of the Louden Machinery Company, was the first Exalted Ruler of the Elks Lodge.

Louden Machinery Company was an very important presence in Fairfield, one of its largest employers for many years.

Elks Club ventilator.  Photo taken in 2010.
Elks Club ventilator

Photo taken in 2003.
Elks Lodge ventilator.

Louden Machinery Company ventilator catalogue page.
Catalogue page

Louden cutaway catalogue page - Ventilating Cupola.
Louden Ventilator catalogue page

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