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Fairfield's Central Park, page 3

On the northwest corner of the square a mortar-and-pestle finial is still on the top of the Gothic-revival tower — it refers to the building's original function as a pharmacy.

Drugstores were housed in this building from 1857 until 1996, when Brown's Pharmacy closed (it now houses commercial offices, 60 N. Main St) -- see drugstore and mortar-and-pestle photos.

Face on J C Crawford Bldg

The J. F. Crawford Building (now housing Davis and Palmer Real Estate) is much like it was in 1883 (after a remodel in 2017).  Look for the four young women's faces staring out from the cornice.   Or are they men's faces?

On the photo page, also see a postcard from the early 1900's showing this store (in the lower-right corner).  This vintage postcard also clearly shows the Light Tower in Central Park.


N. Main St.





A marker on the southwest corner of the square tells about the 1954 recreated one-hundredth anniversary wagon train, which traveled from the original Iowa State Fair site in Fairfield to the present fair site in Des Moines.  Another wagon train was again re-created in 2004.

Historical Marker in Central Park


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