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Central Park, page 3

On the northwest corner of the square a mortar-and-pestle finial is still on the top of the Gothic-revival tower — it refers to the building's original function as a pharmacy.

Drugstores were housed in this building from 1857 until 1996, when Brown's Pharmacy closed (it now houses commercial offices, 60 N. Main St) -- see drugstore and mortar-and-pestle photos.

J C Crawford Bldg

The J. F. Crawford Building (now housing Davis and Palmer Real Estate) is much like it was in 1883 except for a discordant wooden shake-shingle canopy added in 1973.  It hides the top of the cast iron Corinthian columns.  Look for the four young women's faces (or are they men's?) faces staring out from the cornice.

On the photo page, also see a postcard from the early 1900's showing this store (in the lower-right corner).  This vintage postcard also clearly shows the Light Tower in Central Park.


N. Main St.





A marker on the southwest corner of the square tells about the 1954 recreated one-hundredth anniversary wagon train, which traveled from the original Iowa State Fair site in Fairfield to the present fair site in Des Moines.  Another wagon train was again re-created in 2004.

Historical Marker in Central Park


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