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Call for Artists

The Fairfield Cultural Alliance is expanding their online Fairfield Artist Directory.

We are seeking Jefferson County artists working in all creative areas including visual art, music, theatre, dance, writing, filmmaking, etc.

If you would like to be included in this free online directory, please submit the following:
   ⚫   Your name
   ⚫   Contact information (including web site if you have one) for you or your gallery/agent
   ⚫   Your medium(s)
   ⚫   An optional short statement about yourself and/or your work (no longer than 50 words)
   ⚫   An optional jpeg photo of your work or yourself
   ⚫   Title of the work if you want it to appear above the enlarged picture, after your name. If the title is too long to fit, only your name will appear.

We will be happy to resize your photo — just include it as an attachment at the full size produced by your camera or scanner.

Please submit your info via email to -

If you have questions, email to -

If you would rather resize your photo yourself:
   ⚫   Orientation can be landscape, square, or portrait, up to 640 pixels in one direction and up to 480 pixels in the other.
   ⚫   640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high will give you the largest possible thumbnail image — 200 x 150 pixels.
   ⚫   Make at least one dimension exactly 640 or exactly 480 pixels.
   ⚫   Square images should be 480 x 480 pixels; corresponding thumbnail will be 150 x 150 pixels.
   ⚫   The enlarger script adds a white border. Do not include a pure white border as part of your image.
   ⚫   If you let us make the thumbnail image, it will be a miniature version of your entire image.
   ⚫   If you make your own thumbnail, it could be either a miniature or a detail. The detail thumbnail can be the full 200 x 150 pixels regardless of the larger photo's dimensions.
   ⚫   Thumbnails should be either a) exactly 200 pixels wide and up to 150 pixels high, or b) exactly 150 pixels high and up to 200 pixels wide.
   ⚫   The closer your thumbnail is to 200 x 150 pixels, the larger it will be:

image proportions

If this all sounds too complicated, we are happy to resize your photo!

The Fairfield Cultural Alliance is a local volunteer organization whose mission includes supporting arts and culture in Fairfield through grants, networking, and cross-promotion.  Others are welcome to join us.  Please contact us to learn how.

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